Gift ideas 2020

A list of ancient-themed gift ideas just in time for the holidays.

It’s that time of year again and when we all start getting in the tizz looking for the perfect present for our loved ones. Take the panic out this Christmas, with these perfect gift ideas for the classicist in your life.

Pharaoh Rocher T-Shirt

A humorous play on words, Isis and Nephthys offer the classic chocolate beloved of ambassadors to pharaoh.

Square Haunting

An evocative group biography of five women who lived in the same square in London in the first decades of the Twentieth Century.

Venus and Aphrodite

Run a bath and luxuriate in the story of Aphrodite, the goddess who was born from the sea foam. A gorgeous little book.

Aesop Candles

Been spending a bit too long at home. Aesop have just the answer. Looking back to ancient stargazers, they have developed three scents which evoke the age old gesture of lighting a candle.

Bust of Hadrian

Celebrate Hadrian’s support of Egyptian religions with this natty bust from the British Museum shop.

Veritas by Ariel Sabar

What’s better than a mystery over the winter holidays. This book tells the true story of a strange papyrus with a mysterious owner.

Lawrence Alma-Tadema Jigsaw

A 1,000 piece jigsaw of Alma-Tadema’s popular Spring from the J Paul Getty Museum available via Museum Selection. A very Victorian image of ancient Rome, but as with all of Alam-Tadema’s paintings there is something just below the surface. 

Playmobil Cleopatra

Don’t waste your money with any other toys, this is the real deal. Recreate the infamous meeting between Cleopatra and Caesar with Playmobil.

A lego Anthony and Cleopatra is also available.

Roman Octopus

Octopus is the new crab. In terms of iconography only, please do not kill these intelligent creatures for your own pleasure.

Stay on trend with this very smart Roman Mosaic T-Shirt from Red Bubble. Also available as a face mask.

The Sarpedon Krater Cover

The Sarpedon Krater

Each archaeological object has at least two lives. It’s pre-disposal life and post-discovery life. The Sarpedon Krater is a genuine masterpiece of Greek art which has had more lives than most objects. Find out why.

Venus de Milo Earrings

Need to look impactful on a Zoom call?

Look no further. These are 3D printed from a cast in the National Museum of Denmark.

Ancient Egyptian Magic

A fascinating book which tells you everything you need to know about ancient Egyptian magic.

THe Celestial Hunter

Magic, myth, religion, love and death. An encyclopaedic work which discusses almost every aspect of human life and culture.

Canopic Jar Kit

A lovely activity to keep little hands busy this Christmas. This kit from Etsy comes with everything you need to build your own set of Canopic jars. Viscera not included.

Land of the white horse

An evocative and deep history of the White Horse of Uffington and an exploration of place and time.

Neo-Classicist Stickers

Stylish stickers for laptops. Buy individually or in themed groups.

A perfect stocking thriller.

A piranesi print

Celebrate Piranesi’s 300th birthday this year with an original print. Not the cheapest present, but then you deserve it this year.

If the cost is too prohibitive, Piranesi drawings by Sarah Vowles is also recommended.

Piranesi Colosseum
The Colosseum, Piranesi

What are you hoping for this Christmas? Let us know in the comments below.

Mosaic of Sea Creatures taken by Get Directly Down via Flickr CC-BY-2.0

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