Rhakotis is the online magazine for all things to do with Greco-Roman Egypt and beyond.

Rhakotis is the first place to go for information, reviews of exhibitions, new books and films, and discussion on the legacy of Greco-Roman Egypt. It examines both the history and the enduring influence of Greco-Roman Egypt in all it many ways. We are interested in the art history and wider politics of this legacy.

Check out our most recent articles, explore our theme or browse bound editions below.


Rhakotis: bound editions

We have compiled together the best bits of our magazine. Not sure where to start? Check out our bound editions below.


Rhakotis Summer 2018

Rhakotis 3-02.png

Find out more about the annual flood in Egypt and how it inspired religions around the Roman Empire. Gaze in amazement at London in its original splendour and see how the Romans lived in Copenhagen.


Rhakotis Spring 2018

Rhakotis 2-02.png

Find out more how elite Romans lived in 3rd century Gaul, gaze on the twelve silver Caesar plates and discover Egypt’s modern Arte et Liberte movement.


Rhakotis Autumn Winter 2017

Rhakotis 1-01.png

In this edition of Rhakotis we have an article on the powerful goddess Isis-Thermouthis, ancient apocalyptic texts and a review of Alfred Duggan’s classic work Winter Quarters.


Upcoming issue of Rhakotis

Rhakotis 4-02.png




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