Exploring the history and legacy of the ancient world in all its complexity

Rhakotis celebrates two notable anniversaries this year: the 220th anniversary of Edward Bulwer-Lytton’s birth on 25th May and the 150th anniversary of his death on 18th January.

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Thunder, Perfect Mind

Thunder, Perfect Mind is an ancient poem associated with an early Christian group, but bearing an uncanny similarity to hymns of the goddess Isis.

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The online magazine exploring the history and legacy of the ancient world in all its complexity.

We take our name from Rhakotis, the Egyptian fishing town that developed into Alexandria, the classical city par excellence. Just as that city was both Egyptian and international, so was the ancient world.

We see the ancient world as a complex and cosmopolitan space in which various societies intermingled, creating international and local cultures that changed, merged and ruptured over the centuries. The history and culture of these societies have had and continue to have an impact on later societies which are themselves complex and never neutral.

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The Eagles of Rome

Two blood brothers on a path that will lead them to their glory or their doom.

The Freemasons and Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egyptian symbolism came into freemasonry through Hermetica. Hermes Trismegistus was a powerful magician linked to the two figures of Thoth and Hermes (himself linked with Anubis). Books written by Hermes Trismegistus continued to be read throughout the medieval period and into the Renaissance and beyond. They offered an occult insight into the world.

Gods and goddesses

The Apocalypse of the Psuedo-Methodus

Although relatively little known today the Apocalypse of the Pseudo-Methodius was the equivalent of a bestseller of its day. Originally composed in Syriac around 690-92 CE, it was soon translated and inspired versions of texts in various languages.

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21 classic buildings in london you really have to see

The Bank of England building is high security classicism. It would be hard to break into this building. There is something slightly dystopian about it. The front is classical piedmont, similar to the Pantheon in Rome, but the back is high blank walls with tasteful ornaments and corniche work.

Animals in the ancient world

Isis and the Golden Ass

Apuelius obviously wants to evoke a sense of awesome mystery and power.

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Ancient Egyptian themed classical music

Mozart’s most popular work, was profoundly influenced by the composer’s interest in free masonry and its supposed Egyptian origins amongst the Pyramid builders.