Festive gifts 2022

Giftings of the season

It’s been a grim year and there’s nothing better to put a smile on your face than giving and receiving well priced and proper nice presents…

Ancient Infographics

A beautiful and well researched book, the perfect present for anyone interested in ancient history.

I saw a mummy underneath the Christmas tree

A deliciously kitsch christmas decoration in the figure of a mummy from Keeping Choosing.

Re-reading history

A reprint of Amelia Edward’s A Thousand Miles up the Nile with important new context and commentary locating the book and Edward’s work within Egyptology.

Chichi classicism

Subtle t-shirts from Alex Eagle to help you mark out your sub-cultural territory. Choose from ‘Classicism’, ‘Brutalism’ and ‘Modernism’.

Crazy Paving

Mosaics of Alexandria: Pavements of Greek and Roman Egypt by Anne-Marie Guimier Sorbet is a beautifully illustrated art book backed with rigorous scholarship.

The mothership

An accurate-ish copy of the Great Pyramid of Piza, built from 1,476 lego bricks, complete with sphinges and obelisk. A luxurious executive toy.

A dog really is for Christmas

Dogs in the Athenian Agora by Colin M. Whiting is a fantastic little book looking at archaeological evidence for our four legged friends in the Athenian agora

Looking stylish

The trick to looking stylish is to accessorize the essentials with lovely little things, like this Osiris pin badge from Berlin’s Neues Museum.

Wonderful things

If you weren’t able to visit the exhibition, Egyptomania in Sainsbury Centre* is a richly detailed book full of beautiful Egyptian inspired artworks.

Playing with gods

Build up the ancient civilization of the pharaohs in Catan: Ancient Egypt. If Pharaonic Egypt is too recent you can also try Catan: Dawn of Humankind set in an even more ancient Africa.

The rich heartland of Holland Park

Charles and Maggie Jencks’ Holland Park Home, The Cosmic House, is a truly beautiful addition to London’s museum-scape.

Other recent books we recommend:

  • City of the Beast: The London of Aleister Crowley by Phil Baker
  • The Dawn of Everything: A New History of Humanity by David Graeber and David Wengrow  
  • John Outram (Twentieth Century Architects) by Geraint Franklin
  • Looking for Theophrastus: Travels in search of a lost philosopher by Laura Beatty
  • Mummified: The stories behind Egyptian mummies in museums by Angela Stienne
  • Not far from Brideshead: Oxford between the wars by Daisy Dunn
  • Thermae Romae by Mari Yamazaki
  • Treasured: How Tutankhamun shaped a century by Christina Riggs
  • The Werewolf in the Ancient World by Daniel Ogden
  • The Wolf Den and TheHouse with the Golden Door by Elodie Harper

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