Terracotta website update #3

I am developing visual designs for my website. As you will know, I want to reference archeological line drawings with a warm contemporary feel (simple colours and a flat design). So far, I have two chosen.

The first uses the earthy palette of the terracotta themselves. With just a little splash of yellow to pick out details.


The second design uses tones of the same colour. I will use three different colours.


Please let me know which is your favourite by taking part in my survey.

Terracotta website update

The long promised terracotta website is coming on a piece. Greco-Roman Egyptian Art and Terracotta will become the number one place to go to for all things about this area.

The website will be clean and concise, combining the precision of archeological line drawings with contemporary flat graphics.


Prototype Bes Graphic


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Terra cotta website update #1: Survey

I am designing a public history website about ancient Egyptian terra cotta (from the Greco-Roman period) as part of the Digital Media Design course at Birkbeck.
Egyptian terra cotta figurines are often small, mass produced depictions of supernatural and ordinary people. Several copies survive from Egyptian and reveal a lot about different aspects of society and culture. I aim to create a first point for all the information on this exciting subject.
If you have time, please do fill out my survey. It would be very useful to me to gain as much feedback about peoples’ interest in this subject. This survey assumes that you have an interest in ancient history either for personal or professional reasons. It is a very short survey and will only take 2-3 minutes. I really appreciate all the entries I get.

A wireframe for the homepage. (Image taken from Gods and Men in Egypt by Françoise Dunand and Christiane Zivie-Coche).

As well as the survey, I am also looking at names for the website, so if you have any ideas for names please let me know.