Festive gift guide

Greetings of the Season

Greetings of the season

“Christmas time is here again and all year long I’m smiling” as the famous saying goes.

The festive season is upon us and this year it is vital that we dig deep and spend early to save the economy, avoid delays due to the global supply chain and get “Christmas done”.

Ancient Cities

Greg Woolf’s deep dive into the long history of cities, is a fascinating and punchy read.

Looking good

The Greek pots t-shirt designed by Flaroh is a classic and a stylish addition to any wardrobe.

Perpetua’s Journey

A graphic novel exploring the story of St Perpetua, a second century African martyr in her historical context.

Guess whomst?

A special historical version of the classic game from English Heritage.

Pass the peas

A great toy for kids of all ages. Learn about engineering and history. From the small machines shop on Etsy.

Dreaming of a white christmas?

Find out what this dream actually means from Artemidorus, the original dream weaver.

Looking smart

Look the part in this fabulous Egyptian themed bowtie from the Totos Vintage store on Etsy.


A range of beautiful ancient-history-inspired jewellery from Agameganon.

Ancient Werewolves

Christmas was traditionally the time to tell spooky tails [sic] and Daniel Ogden has collected some scary ones in his study of ancient werewolves.

A dog (tote) really is for Christmas

A design inspired by the ‘Beware of Dog’ mosaics in Pompeii. Cute and ecologically sound.

From Flaroh

Putting Isis back into Christmas

Nineties style chokers and Twenties style Egyptian inspired jewellery is bigg.

A gold pendant of the Goddess Isis by Queen Green Cobra on Etsy.

Golden Mummies

A beautifully illustrated book examining the background to Manchester’s important collection of mummified remains.

A bit of pizzaz

Going for a more comfortable look, this Anubis t-shirt is purr-fect. Dog’s don’t purr? They do now!

Torlonia marbles

Marbles are back on trend thanks to the Squid’s Game TV show.

This is the perfect coffee table book for the consummate classicist in your life.

A certain je ne sais quoi

Look the part in Uniqlo UT x Louvre collaboration, with pieces inspired by Venus de Milo, the Winged Victory of Samothrace and more.

Street style

On trend fashion from the Stüssy atelier.

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