Rhakotis Autumn Winter 2019

In this edition of Rhakotis you can read about the Tutankhamun, explore Roman bath and examine the cultural legacy of the Trojan War.

Rhakotis 7-01.png

Contents of Rhakotis Autumn Winter 2019

Tutankhamun: Treasures of the Golden Pharaoh at Saatchi
Kate Daudy: It wasn’t that at all at Saatchi
Photographing Tutankhamun by Christina Riggs

Isis and the Golden Ass
Post Modern Egyptomania
The Parthenon

Between Oedipus and the Sphinx at the Freud Museum
Luke Edward Hall Greco Disco
Renee So: Ancient and Modern
Inspired by the East

Visiting Roman Bath

Blake and Mortimer: The Last Pharaoh

Top 5 films beyond the classics

Best of 2019
Coming up next year
What’s new in Ancient History
Christmas gift guide