Christmas Gift ideas

It’s that time of year again when the jolly, big man is dropping gifts down the chimney and you’re wondering what the heck you’re going to get.

For sweet toothed

Hieroglyph rolling pin

Give a gift and get some sweet nosh back in return, a custom designed rolling pin which will print a hieroglyphic or cuneiform text into your gingerbread.

For young people going to university or big school

Whitechocolate Mummy Case

The tin is perfect for pens, pencils and the other assorted bibelots that young people like. The white chocolate is sweet, but low in caffeine so that they don’t get too hyper.

Mummy pencil tin, Seshepenmehit

For the always connected:

Photographing Tutankhamun by Christina Riggs

Instagram didn’t invent selfies, Howard Carter and Harry Burton did in 1922 during the exhibition of Tutankhamun could be one conclusion from reading this book. An eye opening account of the ways in which technology, archaeology and colonialism intertwined.

For the little ones:

Historium (Welcome to the Museum)

Andre Malraux’s vision of the Invisible Museum comes alive in this richly illustrated book. Introduce your little ones to a truly encyclopaedic vision of the world.

For a secret santa

Egyptian magic cream

Once upon a time, supposedly, Egyptian mummies were pulped down for their magical youth giving properties. Now a days we just slather on cream, whose secret recipe dates back to the priests of Akhenaten. Sweet selling and soft to the touch.

For the trend setters

with grey hair and a youthful zest for Greco-Roman Egypt:

Sweater from Palace

Look the part in this smashing top from Palace: comfortable and discretely commodious.


For the adventerous

Blake et Mortimer, Le Dernier Pharaoh 

We return to our intrepid heroes several years after their last brush with the power and majesty of ancient Egypt…

For the scientifically minded

Map of Knowledge

Violet Moller’s fascinating book explores medical history through the tales of seven cosmopolitan cities from the ancient world through to the European “renaissance”.


For the luxurious:

Pablo Bronstein’s Festival Cart in the Egyptian Taste

A fun piece you can study for hours, another masterful work from Pablo. Available from House Voltaire.

For the scholar:

Stool by Kate Daudy.

This is possibly not for sale but Kate Daudy’s work would look beautiful in any scholar’s snook.

Kate Daudy
Kate Daudy Remebering Ankhesenamurn Georgian Chair.

The gift that keeps on giving.

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