Rhakotis Spring 2020

In this edition of Rhakotis you can read about the Tutankhamun, explore Roman bath and examine the cultural legacy of the Trojan War.

Spring 2020 cover


Contents of Rhakotis Spring 2020

Sphinges of London

Ten Reliable Sources To Learn About Simon Magus
You will never believe the bizarre truth behind St Geroge
Frogs in the ancient world

British Baroque: Power and Illusion at Tate Britain
The Bersted Mystery Warrior in Novium Museum (Chichester)
Troy: Myth and Reality at British Museum
Pablo Bronstein in Pallant Gallery
Piranesi at 300

God’s Library by Brent Nongbri
Christianising Egypt by David Frankfuter 
Venus & Aphrodite Bethany Hughes
The Sarpedon Krater by Nigel Spivey
Alix and the Helvetes
Asterix and Cleopatra
How to be a Bad Emperor

Barrabus Classic Film Review

Photo references

Sphinx from Chiswick Villa, dated from Eighteenth Century and based on an earlier sphinx in the collection of Lord Arundel, now held by the Ashmolean.