Attributes of the goddess Isis

The goddess Isis was a popular and powerful figure across the Mediterranean world in the Greco-Roman period. Although there was not one standard image of the goddess certain attributes were common.

Iset attributes Infographic-01.png

Featured image: Restored Isis bust from Colchester.

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I wonder if you’d consider leaving the ‘comments’ visible for a longer period? It is one of the reasons people come to a blog, and sometimes long after the post was written it is still enlightening for readers to follow those conversations.

On which topic – the ‘throne’ on Isis’ head is simultaneously an allusion to Sirius’ rising up as promise of the inundation, and her role as ‘supporter’ of the figure of Orion, not always recognised as being another image of the Pharaoh. It is thus to be seen as much as a set of steps as a throne, and for that reason the same steps=throne emblem was adopted into early iconography of Coptic and Nubian Christianity.


Thanks. This is really interesting. Do you think that the Sirius / Sothis link is behind the terracotta figurines of dogs from the Greco-Roman period? These are often called Sothis dogs, but I never understand the link to this particular aspect when not linked with Isis.


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