Coming up in 2019

This year promises to be a good one. Here are some of the highlights:


Museo, dir. Alonso Ruizpalacios

A comedy about the 1985 theft of 140 Mayan and Aztec antiquities fromthe National Museum of Anthropology in Mexico, this film will make you laugh and ask soem deep questions.

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Horrible Histories: The Movie—Rotten Romans

An intriguing offering from the team behind the hit kids TV programmes. Some of their post-HH offerings have been mixed. Will this be a return to form?

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The Antikythera Shipwreck

Items from one of the most famous shipwrecks of the ancient world is exhibited in China. Includes the famous Antikythera mechanism (possibly) designed by Greek-Egyptian scientists.

Forgotten Kingdoms: Heirs of the Hittite Empire

An intriguing exhibition at the Louvre, depicting the lives of Uriah and his people.

Dionysois: Portrait of a god

Enter “the playful, mysterious and sometimes dark world of Dionysos” in Queensland. An introduction to this complex figure and the lived religion of the Graeco-Roman world.


On Rhakotis

This spring we will be reviewing I am Ashurbanipal at the British Museum, Antinous at the Ashmolean and Eighteenth Century London.


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