Rhakotis Spring 2018

Find out more how elite Romans lived in 3rd century Gaul, gaze on the twelve silver Caesar plates and discover Egypt’s modern Arte et Liberte movement.

In this edition we examine the impact of Daesh on the contemporary Middle East through Paul Veyne’s short book on Palmyra and Michael Rakowitz’s work in London’s Trafalgar Square: The Secret Enemy Should not Stand.

Rhakotis magazine cover
Rhakotis Spring 2018


Contents of Rhakotis Spring 2018

Luxury in Denmark

Aldobrandini Tazze

The Secret Enemy Should not Stand

Arte et Liberte: Egyptian Surrealism 

Mary Magdalene Film

Review of Hypatia by Charles Kingsley

Review of Christina Riggs Ancient Egypt

Review of Palmyra by Paul Veyne