Coming up in 2022

Highlights of the coming year.

Let’s hope things get back to normal this year, a positive new normal embracing a healthy attitude to the environment and addressing inequality.

In antiquity, there’s lots to look forward to, including:

The Grand Egyptian Museum opens

When the Grand Egyptian Museum (GEM) opens this summer, it is primed to become one of the most important museums on the planet bringing together the important items from Egyptian history and overlooking the pyramids at Giza.

The world of Stonehenge at BM

The ancient computer created by the Ancient Aliens finally gets its own show at the British Museum. Rumours that the Museum are planning to remove the stone circle from Wiltshire and place it in the Duveen Gallery are unconfirmed. 

Feminine power at British Museum

Continuing the British Museum’s intercultural dialogues, this exhibition will explore the representation of women in world belief from ancient art to modern. 

Decoding hieroglyphs at BM

The decipherment of hieroglyphs has challenged thinkers for centuries. Notable scholars from the medieval period have attempted it with limited success. This show coincides with the bicentenary of the date traditionally associated with the translation, the publication of a letter to Mr Dacier (the secretary of the French Academy).

Pharaoh of the Two Lands at the Louvre

This exhibition tells the story of the Kushite Dynasty of pharaohs which ruled the land of the Nile for 50 years. This exhibition highlights the importance of this vast kingdom, located in what is now northern Sudan and will hopefully raise its profile.

Isis in a Global Empire by Lindsay Mazurek 

Mazurek investigate the cult of the goddess Isis and how it affected ideas of Greek identity in the Roman Empire. As well as being an important phenomenon in its own right, the cult of Isis is also a good way to analyse ancient culture. Promises to be an important work of scholarship.

Mummified by Angela Stienne

The mummified remains of humans from Egypt have interested people around the world. This important book explores the long history of Western engagement with mummies from the medieval period onwards. 

Slavery in the Late Antique World, 150 – 700 CE edited by Chris L. de Wet

Slavery underpinned the ancient economy and defined its societies and cultures. This book will examine the evil institution at a time of transformation through in depth local case studies of different periods. 

The War That Made the Roman Empire by Barry Straus?

Arguably a war that continues to shape our world today, the internecine struggle between Antony, Cleopatra and Octavian continues to intrigue scholars and inspire artists.

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