Rhakotis is an online magazine for all things to do with Greco-Roman Egypt and beyond.

Rhakotis is the first place to go for information, reviews of exhibitions, new books and films, and discussion on the legacy of Greco-Roman Egypt. It examines both the history and the enduring influence of Greco-Roman Egypt in all it many ways.

What does Rhakotis mean?

Rhakotis is the former name of the fishing city on which the City of Alexandria was built. Alexandria was the greatest City the ancient world knew. It was built on enterprise, cosmopolitanism and the knowledge industries. Here cultures met and influenced each other for a 1,000 years.



Sphinx on Picasso Museum



Simon Bralee

MA (UCL). Editor of Rhakotis. Interested in the intersections and connections between cultures.


Rhakotis endeavours  to ensure that all content used on this site is free to use either by creating its own content (taking photos) or using images shared through Creative Commons licenses, which I always check using tineye. All images taken by Rhakotis can be used under the attributive Creative Commons license. Please check photo references on each page.

In some cases Rhakotis has used promotional images for review purposes.

If we have used an image that belongs to you, please let us know and we will remove it from my blog.

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